Nicole Gray
Design - Motion - Art


She was born poor and without religion, under a happy sky feeling harmony, not hostility, in nature. Immediately though, she was exposed to the social jungle and the circus of human kind. She began not by feeling torn but in plenitude. Her name is Limbo.


Inspired by Albert Camus and influenced by The Theatre of the Absurd.

Special thanks to Andrew Barnum & Lissa Barnum.

Directed & created by:
Nicole Gray

Santina Malacarne

Max Cooper - Writing/Production
Quentin Collins - Trumpet
Kathrin deBoer - Vocals
The Theatre of the Absurd


Directors notes

This film discusses the relationship between humanity, technology and nature. There is an un-natural force strangling nature where no one is exempt. It is generating negative consequences that is physically and mentally impacting HER nature. She’s fighting these as it spreads like a virus, but decides to reject.  Consequently, she submerges into safety, finds sanctuary under water, and returns to her own nature. This is the space where she can forget, just for a little moment. She dreams of peace in nature, renews her strength and emerges re-powered into a new state of Limbo - yet to be seen.