Designer & visual artist

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer and visual artist from Sweden. Over the years I’ve been exploring a range of artistic techniques in order to express my creative ideas.

I specialise in 3 design disciplines; design, branding and motion, combining them where necessary for optimal engagement, and do my best work with people who's values align with mine. That means being open-minded and curious. It means caring about your brand and the people around you. It means going the extra mile and creating content with a positive impact.


Growing up in a creative home in the suburbs of Gothenburg Sweden taught me to appreciate good art and design. In 2013 I had the privilege to study at one of the worlds most renowned schools for creativity, Hyper Island in Stockholm where I discovered how to anticipate and adapt to the latest trends, tools and technology. This was a learning experience like no other on both a personal and professional level. I then took my education further and completed a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication).

The past 5 years I’ve been living in Sydney, Australia designing content for integrated brand campaigns across digital, social, broadcast and print. I was integral to the execution of projects for iconic brands like Sydney Opera House, Facebook and Universal Pictures.


I focus on enjoying my work. This means helping great people inspire their world via elegant narrative with substance. I'm happy to work on small or large projects across the globe, either solo or integrating myself into teams where necessary.

I’ve established a network of friends, clients and collaborators and would love to add you to that list.

Get in touch! Warm response is guaranteed.

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