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Nicole Gray is a 22 year old Digital Designer from Gothenburg Sweden. She is currently based in Sydney working at Now We Collide. She graduated  Hyper Island in 2015 where she studied Digital Media Creative. Digital Media creative was a powerful emotional ride thru technology design and group dynamics. Before Hyper island She studied Graphic design as a feild in high school. This is where she first got introduced to the media industry, also included 2. 

Her mother told her as a child that designing covers for vogue in power point will not last. So she got photoshop for Christmas. Ever since then she had an ambition. An ambition that took her to where she is today and still exist to grow and raise. 

Beleive that one day I will design a cover for Vogue.  of becoming an Art Director. That dream turned into ambitions and In 2015 she graduated Digtial Media Creaive at Hyper Island. During her internship with a small Video Content Agency Located in the paradise of Sydney Australia, She took her Ideas. tools and technique into reality

Now feeling curious to grow and rise to the challenges of tomorrow's transformative technology. A


At the moment I am working as a Designer at a video content agency called Now We Collide located in Sydney.