Nicole Gray
Design - Motion - Art





Hi, I’m Nico. I’m a multidisciplinary Designer from Sweden now based in Sydney. 

Hyper Island Alumni with willpower. Maker of things. That kind who has a clear direction but also have diverse capabilities. That’s me. 

As an aspiring Art-director I currently work at NWC in the Design team, challenging the briefs from brands such as, Clinique, Universal Pictures and ESPN. My role is to make things look beautiful. Simple. To ensure everything we do looks polished and professional yet original and unique. 

My eye for good design has opened many doors for me. It starts with a drive for creating. If I see a project inside my head I will most likely make it into solid reality. This drive lead me into this carrier path. Starting off with traditional Graphic Design to then discovering Digital Design and a love for Motion Design. I've also due to my work experience learnt how to develop strong concepts and creative thinking. Editing and storytelling is also something I'm really passionate about. Combining this with my experience in design - that makes me very excited. 

It’s Important to love what you do. I truly do and I strive for that to show in every project I take on. 

And if you do too, then let's collaborate!

Graphic Design / Art Direction
Digital Design / UX/UI / Website Design
Branding / Logotypes / Identities  
Motion Graphics / Animation
Broadcast Design
Film / Editing / Storytelling

Designer at Now We Collide

Digital Media Creative at Hyper Island 
Bachelor of Digital Design (Visual communication) at JMC

Sandberg Trygg